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We are a trusted not-for-profit premier education service provider
that is committed towards uplifting the education landscape in the region.

( not affiliated to Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah )

Our Roots

Madrasahs were forgotten entities striving to find relevance within a modern city state. Many pursued to adopt the best practices in the world-class Singapore education system while remaining true to their religious roots. This endeavour was recognized in the international Journal as Irsyad was branded the “Future of Islamic education” by Muslim pedagogues.


The recognition was a realization that there are many Islamic schools out there which are similarly going through their own soul searching and looking for a model to emulate. This sets out a noble cause to share these experiences and practices with the larger Muslim ummah. A small team was formed in 2008 and it started to slowly ‘export’ this experience and model to the region.

Gaining Trust

Indeed, the Muslim ummah is in dire need of a reformation in its education system. It was time for the sharing of these experiences be made a strategic mission. Irsyad Trust was then setup as a separate non-profit entity to enhance the export of these experiences and expertise. We actively seek partners to create more impact and difference in our work.

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